Run a lot of deals?

Meet Expero, the safe choice for enterprises.

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Better Results, No More Headaches

Say goodbye to security, administration and cost headaches with Expero's enterprise data room solution.
With a slick, customizable interface, you'll look good in the eyes of your clients and counterparties.
The system is quick to learn, easy to administer, fully supported and secure. You’re organised and in control, so you get better results.
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How Expero Works

Expero enables you to run multiple deals simultaneously. With a minimal learning curve, your team can create, manage and close deals effectively and efficiently.

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Set up your VDR

Drag & drop files and folders for automatic numbering, watermarking, PDF conversion & more. Set user permissions on a individual or team basis.

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Grant Access

Invite all necessary parties using Expero's fully automated and secure invitation process. Choose each group's security level and optionally require 2FA.

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Monitor Progress

Track bidder engagement with interactive reports, showing time spent on each page by bidder and user.

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Capture enquiries online, then draft and publish responses to that party or all parties.

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Flexible Billing

Expero doesn’t need to cost you anything. We provide a variety of ways to pass the cost on to clients.

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Choose your requirements and export all the necessary data from your deal.


What Our Clients are Saying

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Professional, prompt, open and clearly highly skilled. Not only a fantastic solution but a technical support network around it that truly makes it stand out.

Adam Jeffries
CIO, JTC plc
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Easy to manage, yet stringently secure. We now have the ability to create and manage data rooms quickly and efficiently, making us more productive and responsive.

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IT Department
Stratagem IPM Limited



Security Taken Seriously

We're trusted with some of the world's most sensitive data partly because of the unique way we deal with data encryption. You retain the encryption keys, we don’t keep a copy and only you can access your data. While this approach may seem obvious, it is unique to us and is why we are confident in our system. We’ve got a lot to say on data security - you can read more here: How we built a system that houses some of the world's most secure data.

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